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PPF encourages you to get involved in local focus groups aiming to improve access to health information and so to help all to make better informed choices.

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Focus group places are limited!


PPF has always supported initiatives that make better information available to patients so that they can make informed choices. That is why we support the work of PHIN and the inclusion of patient-relavant data on the websites of hospitals. Do look at our ‘How to choose…” pages – accessed from the side menu.


Our  TOP ISSUE  for private patients is still ‘Open Referral’.  It might matter to you, so please follow the link to see our view. We’d like to hear yours and have set up a blog  via the button on the left or click here… or go to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook via the buttons on the left!

 The Private Patients’ Forum

We are committed to helping you to be treated fairly when you decide to use private medical care. Quite a lot of people are worried – see

Because we believe that private medicine is an important option, we have packed this site with information ranging from how to choose private healthcare insurance, how to choose a consultant and a hospital.  We have also set out your rights as a patient and information on how to complain.

Become an Individual Member and help us by telling us how we can provide a better service to Private Patients.  Tell us about your experiences – we need these to help us make a difference for private patients. Click here to go to a page where we will soon have surveys to enable you to tell us your experiences.

The Competition Commission has been doing some very useful work in its Private healthcare market investigation.  There is a wealth of stuff to read on its site including, of course, the submissions made by this forum.  We have brought quite a bit together on a new page which you can reach by clicking here.


*** Do you have this problem? ***

A number of folk have contacted us about opaque/unclear clauses in their private medical insurance contracts.  If you have an example, could you blog or send it to us via ‘Have your say’, please?

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