Last week PPF was invited to meet with three key members of the Financial Control Authority staff at the FCA’s elegant headquarters in Canary Wharf. This meeting was important because the FCA is the supervisory and standards setting authority set up to protect consumers from the harm that can be caused by bad conduct in the financial services industry. That means that they oversee the key providers of private medical insurance (Bupa, AXA/PPP and so on).

The Manager, an Associate and a Technical Specialist were able to give PPF an insight into how the FCA works. PPF was able to share views and the experience of patients with the FCA. This proved to be useful for both the FCA and for PPF.

If you are so inclined, a visit to the FCA website will enable you to see what they do and to look at  firm level complaints which tell you about how well insurers deal with the complaints they receive.

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