The Private Patients’ Forum is here to inform, support and empower patients and all users and potential users of the UK independent private healthcare sector.  Its main objective is to help everyone get the best from private healthcare.  We also want to help you with the choices available to you in private healthcare available in the UK.  As far as we are able, we want you to obtain the highest standards of care.

The Private Patients’ Forum exists to ensure that:

  • All patients are able to make informed choices about their specialist consultant and hospital according to their clinical needs and fully understand the effects of any financial restrictions.
  • All patients are aware of the details of their private medical insurance so that they are fully informed about their insurance cover and its exclusions.
  • All patients know their rights and how to solve any dispute with their consultant, insurer or healthcare provider.

In addition, The Private Patients’ Forum provides an opportunity for you to tell us your experiences and to give your opinions so that we can help other patients.

The Private Patients’ Forum is here to encourage and support best practice in insurance provision, hospital care and medical practice and to help patients to make informed decisions about private healthcare.  The Forum supports patients’ right to choose where they will be treated and by whom.


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