There are very few complaints made about doctors and specialists in private hospitals but if you do feel strongly that a doctor has behaved improperly towards you or that a doctor has made a professional or damaging mistake causing distress or worse, then there are a number of very straightforward actions you can take.

If your doctor’s defence is that your complaint is about a claim made in a brochure written by someone else (a manufacturer, for example) and given to you by the doctor, the doctor is still responsible. See Legal note on responsiblity for brochures

We always advise patients to try to resolve a dispute directly with any party first of all but if, in very rare cases, that cannot be achieved or simply isn’t practical, firstly you should report the situation to the Chief Executive of the private hospital or clinic in which you were treated. This should trigger an investigation by the CEO, the hospital’s compliance officer and by the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) of the hospital. This committee usually consists of senior clinicians who oversee ethical and clinical matters.

You also have the right to report any doctor to his or her regulatory body, the General Medical Council, (GMC). Any such complaint should be carefully considered. It is worth remembering that single complaints about complications for example, that are well recognised as part of treatment, are unlikely to gain much traction.

The GMC has a great deal of helpful information about making a complaint against a doctor on its website and a good place to start can be found here;

and here:


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