Is Private Healthcare safe?

This is so important for Patients that we have put our views on the front page of our website

Does the annual rise in the price of private medical insurance concern you?

Renewing your private medical insurance reminds you of two things. You (and any members of your family covered) are a year older and that means you are more likely to need the insurance – ‘risk up’ means ‘cost up’! And because new procedures, new drugs and many other costs in healthcare go up annually, your insurer will build in an increase for medical inflation. Many people decide each year to abandon the advantages of private healthcare and so become a cost to the NHS.

Extraordinarily – and possibly by accident – the Government has made the problem worse this year by putting up Insurance Premium Tax on all insurance. That’s 3½% more on your premium.

If you think that the Government has got this wrong, please sign the petition that patients have sponsored and are now supporting. Click petition to go to the Government website. Thanks!

PPF is not alone in thinking this. See FT Adviser

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We are committed to helping you to be treated fairly when you decide to use private medical care. Quite a lot of people are worried – see


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